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Novak-centric Supernatural big bang mini bang
Jimmy Novak - vessel, father, ad-time salesman, burger lover.
Amelia Novak - wife, mother, demon meatsuit, not impressed with this angel thing at all.
Claire Novak - vessel, tween, adorable, fulfilling the 'creepy kid' quota.
Big bang - long fic, challenge, four months, ten thousand words.

- Jimmy Big Bang is now officially Novak-centric. Have a look at this post for more details.

Jimmy Big Bang Schedule
Writer sign-ups/Art sign-ups open: September 1
Writer sign-ups end: October 20
First check-in: November 10
Second check-in/summaries due: December 20
Final drafts due: January 10
Art sign-ups end: January 10
Art claims: January 14
Art drafts due: February 5
Posting begins on: February 14


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