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20th-Sep-2013 08:24 am - PSA
jimmy BB
Since there is minimal interest in another bang, and building on the positive response to other options in the previous post, I'm looking into running a fest instead (Novakfest has generously agreed to be under my control for such a thing, which is wonderful and terrifying). No word count, possibly no pairing of authors and artists though that's obviously up for negotiation. Planning is currently on hold because September is painfully busy for me, but expect another post on the matter in October. In the meantime, keep generating ideas for fanworks to contribute, and mention the possibility of a Novakfest loudly and happily to all of your friends.
jimmy BB
Greetings, Novak fans! I have a few points for this discussion post:

- General show of interest in a round three? Please comment if you're interested in participating.

- I got some feedback on the last round that participants weren't feeling as much love as they would have liked to, given the effort that goes into writing a bang and creating art. Are people interested in maybe changing up what we do here? Maybe a more general fanworks fest, rather than a bang with a set word count? You have a mod at your disposal, so is there any stuff you'd be interested in having organised if a big bang isn't doing it for you this year?

- Moving JBB off LJ/making it less LJ-centric? I've always been pretty open to people posting their stuff wherever they want to, so long as there's a masterpost to link to, but I'm honestly on LJ less and less these days and on tumblr more and more. I really dig AO3 for posting fics and I know some challenges are being run through the archive these days. I'm considering mirroring the JBB on a tumblr account, maybe. Idk. Thinking out loud here.

- Some people have been getting spam, which could be due to their e-mail addresses being easy to access through the sign-up posts. I've gone through and screened comments that have contact details for both rounds. You're also welcome to go back and delete your comments, as I don't need to horde your e-mail addresses forever and ever.

ETA: Since there is minimal interest in another bang, I'm looking into running a fest instead. No word count, possibly no pairing of authors and artists though that's obviously up for negotiation. Planning is currently on hold because September is painfully busy for me, but expect another post on the matter in October.
31st-Mar-2013 03:08 pm - Fic: I Don't Want To Be Here Either
Title: I Don't Want To Be Here Either
Author: ljunattainable
Beta: ecto_gammat and dapperscript and some much appreciated commentary from tawg
Rating Mature
Word count: 29,000
Characters/pairings: Dean/Castiel, Jimmy Novak, Sam, Bobby, Claire Novak, Ellen Harvelle
Art masterpost: Here
“What do the demons want with the artifact?” Dean asks.
Jimmy finishes his burger and crunches the wrapper into a ball.
“Not only it, but me as well.  Castiel says this thing’s the thing to have if you want control over an angel and their vessel.”
Dean, Sam, Jimmy, and Bobby seek out a heavenly artifact, but more than demons of the hell-born variety stand in their way: Castiel is, confusingly, a less-than-willing participant; Dean and Jimmy are at constant loggerheads; and Dean and Cas’s fledgling relationship comes with its own unexpected issues.
1st-Apr-2013 05:12 pm - Saint Dymphna

Title: Saint Dymphna
Author: fine_feathered
Artist(s): pro_kira tsuminoaru
Beta: Annie
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Mental illness, corruption, depression, mentions of suicide, sex scenes, gore, violence.
Word count: 29K
Characters/pairings: Dean/Jimmy(Cas)
Summary: Dean voluntarily admits himself to the psychiatric hospital Saint Dypmhna after the death of his brother. There he finds Jimmy, a patient who believes he's an angel named Castiel, who is teetering on the edge of violence and is at risk of being moved to a higher security facility. At first Dean tries to help Jimmy get better but when he starts seeing his brother, is it really so bad to abandon reality?
Notes: What really happens, what is the truth, is up to you.


AO3 - Art 1 - Art 2

29th-Mar-2013 09:39 pm - Doublemint Twins
angel, kiss
Title: Doublemint Twins
Author: Marie de Sade
Artist(s): Evian For
Rating NC-17
Word count: 15K
Characters/pairings: Jimmy/Dean, Castiel/Sam, Jimmy/Sam, Castiel/Dean
Summary: At summer camp Jimmy meets a boy named Castiel, who might as well be his twin. To top it off they soon realize their both dating the Winchester brothers who haven't so much as spoken to each other since their parents divorce. They work out a plan to switch places for the rest of the summer and try to reunite the brothers.
Warnings: underage(HS AU),possible dub-con? first time, mentions of cheating and alcoholism.
Art masterpost: Here

Masterpost Here
26th-Mar-2013 11:38 pm - No Gods, No Kings... Only Man
actual space
no gods no kings only man banner

Title: No Gods, No Kings... Only Man
Author: dextrosinistral (frankie_felony)
Artist(s): ammo and h4ppy_fun_b4ll
Beta: wellworld
Rating Mature
Word count: ~30,900
Characters/pairings: Castiel/Jimmy, Dean/Castiel/Jimmy, Jimmy/Amelia,  ints of assumedly one-sided Gabriel/Castiel, hints of Castiel/Meg, hints of Crowley/Castiel
Summary:  There are a lot of things that Jimmy has expected. None of them ever involved becoming a vessel... and taking one hell of a ride.
Spoilers/Warnings: Canon violence; rude nicknaming; possible Stockholm and Lima syndromes; abandonment issues; depression; symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia; symptoms of dissociative identity disorder; self-inflicted damage; spoilers through end of season 7
Art Masterposts: here and here
Notes: Gratuitous use of canon dialogue (almost all actual dialogue is pulled directly from episodes). Most of the mental health warnings are to err on the side of caution; they're vague, but plausibly present things. I owe a tonne of thanks to wellworld for betaing what was supposed to be much shorter, tawg for enabling me even amidst my mid-writing doubt flailing, and especially to ammo and h4ppy_fun_b4ll for creating amazing works that, in my opinion, outshine my writing: You are all fabulous people.
Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | art by ammo | art by h4ppy_fun_b4ll
25th-Mar-2013 03:53 pm - Fic: Capax Infiniti
kit and alfie being adorbs
Title: Capax Infiniti
Author: missgoalie75
Artist(s): teamabodo
Beta: xsaturated
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~13,700
Characters/Pairings: Jimmy, Amelia, Claire, Castiel, OMCs, OFCs; Jimmy/Amelia
Disclaimer: Lyrics used in this fic and Supernatural and its characters don't belong to me.
Spoilers/Warnings: through 4x22 and minor for 6x20; language, mental illness (OC), mentioned suicide (OC), OC character death (only mentioned, but the character is a child)
Summary: While Castiel takes possession of Jimmy's body, he let's Jimmy live through his happiest memories, but the events happening outside of Jimmy's mind interrupt his peace.
Art Masterpost: HERE
Notes: Thank you to Nikki for being my beta and helping me work out my ideas and thank you to Kira for playing a huge inspiration for an important aspect of this story. Lastly but certainly not least, thank you to my wonderful artist who created the most amazing art to go along with this piece.

jimmy BB
Posting starts in a few days! Are you all excited? Headers, schedule, and various miscellany under the cut.

Clicky clickyCollapse )
19th-Jan-2013 02:15 pm - Teams, get ready!
jimmy BB
Art claims were done and dusted in record time - well done everyone! E-mails have just gone out introducing you all to your JBB mate (or mates), so if one hasn't landed in your inbox then please let me know as soon as possible.

Important Dates:
- Final drafts due on Jan 20th (unless you're one of the two people who have been given a few days extension)
- Art drafts due on March 15th
- Posting begins March 25th
18th-Jan-2013 05:47 pm - Art claims - round two!
jimmy BB
We have six fics this round. Let's get them all paired up with some art-to-be ASAP!

A general rundown of how the art claims will go:
- Artists comment with their top three choices of fic to work on
- Artists will also indicate whether they are willing to do art for two stories
- Artists will be paired with the stories on a first-in basis
- If we end up with more artists than stories available, I will re-open the claims post for a second round of claiming
- This claims post will stay open until all stories have an artist (and all artists have a story)
- I will send an e-mail of introduction to each paired artist and writer. After that, it is the writer's responsibility to contact the artist and send them the fic.

Fic summaries are under the cut. Artists, get your claim on!Collapse )
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